"Your new favorite band. The group is a showstopper... Chenot is giving the boys club a run for their money, with her sultry voice (think Phantogram meets Tori Amos), tall stiletto boots, and Jayne Mansfield meets Nico vibe." - GROOVE MAGAZINE

"...Elaborate soundscapes reminiscent of old school electronica but with enough post-everything to attract aficionados of alternative, punk, and intellectual pop. In other words, they’re hot." 20 Hot Artists to See Live in 2018, ClickItTicket.com


"A spectacle of smart pop structure... Anyone who is a fan of the Cults, Matt and Kim, Sleigh Bells, or The Eurythmics, would be well off adding [Mission Zero] to their collection and checking the duo out when they blow into town." - THE DELI

"Vibey and sexy, with a bass line that wants to grab your hips and make them roll...trance-inducing and heart-swelling, Chenot sounds like a more melodically interesting and disciplined version of Björk guesting on a Massive Attack song" - DAILY NUTMEG

 "Intense and melodic... yields facets of darkness and brightness simultaneously.  Each track finds a way to pulse and throb, layered with rhythm and cadence. The playfulness of traditional percussion is re-conceptualized as a kind of neo-expressionist imagery. There’s lots of drummer ear candy in here thanks to the craftsmanship of David Keith."- LOCAL BAND REVIEW

"They're a duo but they sound much bigger than a duo." - WPKN

"Dave, how's your sister?" - RITCHIE BLACKMORE

Mission Zero David Keith drummer Chenot singer


MISSION ZERO is frequently asked the same two questions: “Are you guys twins?” and “Where’s the rest of the band?” Creating lush, shiny indie pop that fills a room, siblings Chenot and David Keith (no, they’re not twins) start with powerful, intricate drumming and rich vocals and flesh out their sound with both live and pre-programmed synth and guitar. As WPKN Radio put it,“They sound much bigger than a duo.”

In 2010, lead singer (and guitar and synth player) Chenot was inspired to write an album of solo pop. “I asked my brother to play drums and produce the record,” she says, “and eventually it was clear that we work pretty telepathically as musicians, and we should make this solo project into a real band.” That first album was followed by 2013’s Sky Candy EP, a collaborative effort that blended David’s fresh nonconformity as an arranger with Chenot’s pop sensibility. “The songwriting is basically now 50/50,” said drummer David upon the release of their third album, People in Glass Yachts (May 2015), which credits both brother and sister as writers on every track.

EASY TIGER, Mission Zero's fourth album, moves the siblings' co-songwriting firmly toward pop's future, while keeping one foot dipped in the dreamy pop of the 1980s. Dropping guitar almost completely, the album's sound is much more dependent on synths, and properly showcases the virtuosic drumming of David Keith.

The siblings have played separately and together all over the world in a variety of bands (including David’s current gigs with rock icon Ritchie Blackmore in Rainbow and Blackmore’s Night). Of their musical bond, Chenot explains: “Take two people with shared DNA, add a lifetime of common musical influences and experiences, and you have bandmates who make scarily similar choices in live performance… and the vocal blend of blood relatives is about more than pitch; it’s shared timing and inflection. It’s magical.”

Mission Zero's sound has been compared to the music of Phantogram, tUnE-yArDs, Sylvan Esso, and the Eurythmics, but the band's sound is ever-evolving and truly all its own. Coming from a musical family, the duo has never doubted that music was their path. “We’re happiest up on stage,” says Chenot, “doing what we were always meant to do."